Why is Reading Books better than Movies?

Why is Reading Books better than Movies?

It is 2k19, Reading Books sounds so much boring right? If this sounds a true statement, I am also one of you guys. I am not a reader and have read very few books in my life. I have even avoided books during my graduation and studied already prepared notes by others. Yet I am here writing this article, surrendering to the power of books.

I have read almost 7 books in the past 8 years, not including the academic compulsory ones, and I have just finished reading my 5th Book which I started reading yesterday. Yes, I could not stop reading that 300 pages averagely conceptualized book my sister bought a few weeks back. Although she has not touched it yet.

The thing is, my phone’s battery had died out and I am not a Cabel TV person anymore. I am the type that acknowledges the power of on-demand content like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, and other similar ones. Then there was this book lying down on the table in front of the couch I was sitting on. I picked it up and started reading. In the beginning, I was not so much liking it as the genre was not of my liking. It was 10 pages after when I noticed the effects of reading the book had on me, and I recalled something similar I have every time I read a book.

I acknowledged those effects, asked a few people about the same and came up with a few theories:

1. As Per the Narrative, you imagine the perfect characters and scenes.

This is the most common answer I came across while asking people around who have been exposed to both the content types. As you are not provided with any predefined projection of the people or scenario involved in the narrative. The Information our brain collects over time gets all concentrated while we imagine and always come up with the best possible spectrum of visuals possible with the provided narrative. (Disclaimer: This might not be true for people with very less exposure to the content world, therefore they might find what portrayed in the video format far more intriguing )

2. You Sink in the story in your own time while reading books.

What I mean to say over here is that while reading you move at your own pace of sinking in the story, unlike the movies where you have to adjust the speed of your brain with the speed of the movie narrative is moving. Which is not realized during the duration of consuming either of the content types but this is the reason the above-mentioned point 1 takes its form and becomes even more powerful. This makes you attached the storyline and even a certain time makes you feel like the part of the story and you live in the moment as the lead character and relate the entire thing on entirely different levels.

3. Immense levels of anticipation: as it takes more time to read it all.

It is a very rare occasion that a person is able to read an entire book at one sitting, even if they have read it at one sitting, just imagine the amount anticipation. While for normal humans like me who cannot read it at one go due to time constraints, the anticipation of getting back at that text keeps on increasing. You are always looking for time to spare to pick it up again and resume where you left off. It is the feeling that can be related to while watching a Video series leaving at a climactic point but better. It is also stronger because of the above point mentioned as feel yourself traveling through the journey along.

Now wrapping things up, Reading books is much better than movies or on-demand videos is just my point of view and other 90% people I have asked. Also because it allows you to keep off the Drug named your Smartphone and also expands your range of creativity and imagination. Did I also mention they make you smarter and might also do something out of the box or change your perspective of how you view the world.

But again its me saying all this, you don’t know me ‘Yet’. I am no neuroscientist, but I am the person who is not into books. But a few experiences have changed my view.

The only drawback of books that I figured when I finished one was that now I had to buy another one, while its free to watch videos on youtube. So I was back at it soon after. But one day I would surely love to build a library.

Following are some of the books that made me a better person overall.

  1. The Monk who Sold His Ferrari (By Robin Sharma)
  2. The Girl in Room 105 (By Chetan Bhagat)
  3. Zero to One (By Peter Thiel)
  4. The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy) (By Amish)
  5. The Subtle Art of Not Giving an F**K (By Mark Mason)
  6. Life is what you make it (By Peter Buffet)
  7. Where Good Ideas Come From (by Steven Johnson)

I Plan on reading at least 5 more books this year and will add to the list as soon as I do.

In this article I am not covering what these books offer, I might do a separate article on that, although I invite you guys to ask me anything about these books in the comment section, I will make sure to answer them to best of my knowledge.