KIA Seltos |KIA Motors Marketing Case Study | Why KIA will be Successful in India?

KIA Seltos |KIA Motors Marketing Case Study | Why KIA will be Successful in India?

KIA has made their entry into the Indian market this year and they are not shy about it. KIA is Cheering loud on their opening player i.e KIA Seltos. Coming up with the biggest New Cars Launch of 2019 in India, this brand is showing lots of promise with the biggest announcements, biggest moves, and the biggest ambitions to take on this market of the masses.

KIA Enters India

KIA the sister company of Hyundai announced its entry in India in 2016 and since then they were quiet, until 2019 when they showed up with the Seltos and many other fun facts.

Not only that the New KIA Seltos 2019 is amazing and a steal for the Indian consumer, but they also went ahead and delivered some crazy ambitious announcements. KIA said it is going to be in the top 5 Automobile sellers in India by the next 3 years. If I check up the facts and efforts they are putting into, I can assure they are not bluffing.

KIA invested $1.1 Billion US in building up the generous 536-acre Manufacturing plant in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh India. Boasting of its most advanced robotics and AI building equipment along with its environment-friendly Infrastructure. It has a capacity of producing 3,00,000 units per annum, which is good enough to be in the top 5 spots. To sell these many cars KIA also coming with a bang with its dealership network being the largest so far in the nation, not revealing any numbers till now.


KIA has chosen to move forward to choose the design as their main highlight. Leading the story by telling what inspires their designs and whatnot. The first coming to the Indian market is the KIA Seltos.

Seltos Sketches

Design Highlights

It is a MUV launching in India Rivaling Sister company Hyundai’s Creta, Just look at those Seltos design sketches, they do look nice. The car has got untraditionally organized set of LED headlamps with DLRs.

Kia Seltos Headlamps

There are 2 versions that are being released, the GT Line and the Tech Line. It turns out that they are not too different from each other. The only main differences are the Red Highlights on some places on the exterior. Red Stitch Highlights on the interior, different seat cover design. There is a nob in the Tech line which looks like a sports mode nob maybe. Lastly the main differentiating alloys and metal detail paddles in the GT Line.

KIA Seltos GT Line Vs Tech Line

Specs and Features

Smart 8.0 Head-up display Smart 8.0 HUD
displays driving
information to
assist safe driving by
movement of the
driver’s line of
KIA Seltos – UVO
Seltos UVO ConnectAn advanced connected
car technology that offers
an array of convenience
and safety features.
The UVO connect boasts of
37 smart features under
five distinct categories
such as Navigation, Safety
and Security, Vehicle
Remote Control, and
10.25 TouchScreen & 7
KIA Seltos touchscreen
360-degree view cameraKIA Seltos 360 degree view camera
Ventilated and power
KIA Ventilated and power seats
Smart Air PurifierKIA Seltos Smart Air Purifier
Bose® premium
8-speaker system
KIA Seltos Speaker System The immersive sound
achieved by specially
designed Bose® speakers
with their Dynamic speed
compensation technology,
keeps you entertained on all
your drives.
Safety FeaturesKIA Seltos Safety FeaturesHigh-Strength Steel structure
, 6-Airbags,
All-wheel disc brakes,
Tire Pressure Monitor

KIA Seltos Engine Options

Seltos 1.5 petrol Seltos 1.5 diesel Seltos 1.4 turbo-petrol
Type 4 cyls, naturally aspirated petrol 4 cyls, turbo-diesel 4 cyls, turbo-petrol
Displacement 1.5 litres 1.5 litres 1.4 litres
Power 115hp 115hp 140hp
Torque 144Nm 250Nm 242Nm
Manual gearbox 6-speed 6-speed 6-speed
Automatic gearbox CVT 6-speed torque convertor 7-speed dual-clutch

KIA Marketing Case Study | India 2k19

Probably by now KIA has reached all their target audience and have definately rasied a lot of curosity. The Sales and Marketing team at KIA have done a really good job over covering all the aspects of market specify story telling and outreach.

The Task has been achieved in various layers of Digital + Offline + Television Marketing. And the results are amazing. There have been more than 6,000 bookings done on the first day since the Pre-bookings started. Following points will discuss the study of Marketing strategies KIA opted.

1. The Largest distribution network.

KIA is a South Korean giant, they are confident with their first product in the market and sure of their team to make sure of the sales. The core is the delivery. For the respective task, they have been focused on their distribution partnerships over the past 2 years.

I have scouted over the google maps for different locations in India and have found 2-3 locations for KIA dealerships in every major city. Like 2 in Chandigarh, 3 in Delhi, Mumbai, and Banglore. And there are many more coming up. Kia has not yet revealed the exact stats yet, but will share as soon we have the official numbers.

2. Advertising Commercials

The Ad Commercials and the company have come with are truly amazing. The magical Inspirations ad have already become the most-watched Indian Ad commercial on Youtube already with 232 Million Views till now.

This was a huge success, as the numbers dictate. After that, they introduced the Meerkat storyline of the design Inspiration which seems to be connecting just fine. Later Introducing the Indian Movie Star Mr. Tiger Sheroff as the Brand Ambassador. Which I am not sure is a great move or not as he looks like to have a few loose ends on knitting the commercial story well. As well the personality that of the Influencer and the product does not seem to gel up well.

KIA Spent $9.65 Million Dollars on TV advertising in May, it has gone down a bit since then but they are going to be on the rise soon as the Seltos hit the grounds.

3. KIA’s Digital Marketing

KIA is definitely not as high on Digital Marketing as per my observation. Although because of amazing marketing assets they curated have definitely got them an outrageous online presence on Youtube and Facebook, but they have really left a lot of holes in the overall impact. There Presence on Twitter and LinkedIn barely noticeable. There were and are not any great Growth hacks nor there were many Influencers blowing horns for this launch.

The most a reviewer channel could manage is 934k views on that walkaround at the auto-expo by AutoCar. That is not very impressive as the rest of the reviews did not make anywhere close.

Let’s talk about the other major marketing platforms where KIA utilizing the digital Platform.


Page Likes – 423,370
Page Followers – 438,240
Featured Videos Views – 726k (11 Days) + 11M (12 Days) + 6.1M (18 days) + 7.7M (7 days) + 7.5M (Month ago) + 4.7M (2 Months Ago) + 4.6 M (2 Months Ago) [ Although reaching this much viewership organically on Facebook nowdays is very very difficult (they are paid views) but those are some impressive numbers.]
Facebook Ads: They are actively making ads on various TG, at a time they are running approximately 5 ads using the Pre-Prooved assets. Until 21 July the #TigerVsMeerkat (who will be representing the Car Tiger Shroff or the MeerKat) was their storyline for the ad’s audience connector.
Posts: They are updating regularly and are receiving decent engagement.


Subscribers: 158k
No. of Videos: 59
Total Views: 584.416 M (WOW Impressive)
We have already talked about the most viewed video which catered to half of the above-mentioned number.
Paid ads: A lot, I don’t have the number, but they are doing a good amount of ads. ( I am not paying to get rough estimates from those online ads spying tools.)

KIA Adwords Ads:

KIA has Placed over 12.8 K Adwords Ads all over the world, targeting over the world.
Targeting over 26.3K Keywords via PPC and 61.4K Organic Keywords.
These are worldwide stats estimates I found using ispionage, again I am not paying for In-depth analytics estimates.
It can be assumed 30% of these are running over the Indian market as the launch cannot be taken lightly and there are a lot of Indian people on the Internet.

KIA Twitter Marketing:

KIA is not doing that great on twitter relatively. The account for India was created 2 years ago and have 48.2 K followers.
They have tweeted 2,505 times till now.
And are promoting 3 tweets.

Overall my verdict, they are there to be just being there. The Marketers are not looking for much goals completion here. Which is also fair up to some extent as there TG is not active participants of the Twitter community, so makes sense to why put much effort there.

KIA LinkedIn Marketing:

Well, there is nothing there.
There are 18.8k followers and 616 employees signed up. But apart from that, there is nothing. No Updates, No Ads.
And It worries me that why are they doing this, LinkedIn is such an Important platform for potential buyers and they could have come up with great hacks or tie-up with LinkedIn influencers for the same if they wish to avoid the high cost of marketing there, but as if that is a problem for them.
That is a huge red flag from me.

4. KIA Offline Marketing

This has not gone full swing yet, but I am pretty sure they are already with all there banners and have negotiated deals with radio partners and banner spaces and they will go up as soon as Bookings Open.
All the above is accumulating for this moment of truth. Everything will be accelerated when that happens, as I hope.

Finally I have strong feeling that KIA can stand true to their words of being the top 5 players in the game in next 3 years. KIA Seltos is an amazing car, and they will sell a lots of them.
Their Marketing strategy is great, but could have been much better provided all the resources and International Fame. Could have learned a bit or two form the DeadPool Marketing team.
Repeating a lot of mistakes I told startups will be doing in my other blog.