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Practice is key ingredient for success in IELTS. But practicing without any direction, will not help you reach your destination.

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"There is an abundance of study materials available online to prepare for IELTS, I joined a training institute just so that I can have someone to tell me where I am wrong and how to Improve on it, this site provides the same and has helped me to save a lot of money."
Tarun Vashisht
Tarun Vashisht
IELTS Aspirant

HOW we prepare you for IELTS?

Free Basic IELTS LR

We provide you free basic IELTS learning resources, which includes IELTS Tips and Tricks and other useful information to nail the exam.

On Demand Evaluation

We have a community of IELTS trainers to evaluate your IELTS Speaking and Writing attempts whenever you feel the need.

Suggestions to Improve

On every evaluation, with the report we also include the suggestions on how to improve on your specific made mistakes so you do not repeat the same next time.

Live Counselling Session

Coming Soon.

IELTS is an examination to test one’s english proficiency. You can prepare by first increasing your awareness of the examination pattern, evaluation parameters, know where you lack behind and what are the things that you need to work to improve upon.

If you are already well acquainted with english, learn more about the techniques on how to correctly attempt all the modules and further get yourself evaluated from an expert until you are sure to achieve your desired band score. 

If you are new to the language or a very limited user then get your self evaluated first and know where you need to Improve and by how much, what basics are required to be brushed therefore follow the required study material and regularly track your progress by constant guided evaluations.

IELTS is an expensive exam (approx. INR 13000), it is important to be sure before appearing for the exam that you will be able to get your desired band score or not. Once you have consistently proven yourself in simulated evaluations, you become more confident and less likely to repeat the examination as a result preventing loss of considerable amount of time and money.  

Making IELTS preparation Easy

You can calculate if you want, this is the most affordable and easiest way to prepare for IELTS.

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