Which Future Technologies will Influence our lives?

Which Future Technologies will Influence our lives?

Over the past century, we have witnessed an immense change in the world influenced by technology and has completely changed the way we live drastically. This post gives us a glance of the Future Technology which will further shape our lives.

Technologies which came into existence in the past like Silicone Chips, Telecommunication, Transistors, Industrial Automation, Electronic Fund Transfers and a few more have shaped our present as we know it and some of us still WOW at this transformation development while some of us don’t even notice this impact but life is impossible without the available technology.

So, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge all that has developed and the evolution of technology and how life is what it is today.

Now that we are into that tech zone of knowing how technological evolution influences our world, then lets dive into the future technology and see how it might look like a century from now and what all technologies we see budding today will have a major role in the way it might be tomorrow.  

Technologies changing the world

  • Block Chain
  • Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
  • 3D Printing
  • Nano Technology
  • Bio-Technology

Block Chain

Yes, this is a very hot topic at the moment and the reason it is at the top of the list is that the implications of this technology will be visible in a very near future. Most people understand blockchain technology as a distributed digital ledger but the applications of this future technology have immense potential. It will influence how we communicate, transact, protect, operate and manage everything we have. This encrypted database structure is revolutionary and this young talent is still yet to bloom to its full potential.

BlockChain became the talk of the town soon after Satoshi Nakamoto Applied this 1991 invented technology to Bitcoin which came into the limelight in 2009. Everyone wanted a piece of that cake and the price of one Bitcoin rose from few decimal cents to thousands of dollars like a rocket and made many of those Bitcoin mining nerds millionaires.

This is when some of the smart population of our world had dollars signs on their eyes saying we can have other currencies which can also have equivalent or more value. They orchestrated a service or product around digital currency and started Building their own blockchain networks. This was the Time when the Idea of a general purpose blockchain poped into Vitalik Buterin’s head so he wrote a paper introducing ethirium and its digital currency ether which now rivals that of bitcoin.

So, How will it shape our future?

It certainly will and that to really soon, but most of that might not be visible but we will certainly notice the improvement in the trust of digitizing everything, even things like our property papers.

This technology is helping towards building a Transparent yet formidable digital fortress of digital information.

Banks are working with the blockchain technology to improve fund transfers, Digital contracts and other things that banks do. Most of the notary stuff soon will be done on Block Chain. Supply chain management is another field which soon will be revolutionized with this as it will help keep track of each and every piece of inventory from its origin and can also provide an absolute ground level information on the environmental impact of products.

Blockchain will also soon reinvent the way we analyze, research, consult and Forecast. There are many other amazing applications, such as Networking, IOT, Insurance, Identity marking, Transportation, Ridesharing, cloud storage, donations, voting, Government systems, Public Benefits, Healthcare, Cyber Security, Energy Management, Music, Retail, Real Estate, Crowdfunding and what not, the opportunities are as much you want them to be. With this new guy in the market, Anything that involves transactions and data sharing will be disrupted.

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

This is the future technology that everyone has been talking about for some time now. It is one of the most highly anticipated, hyped, promising yet feared technologies.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are the programs which learn from the infinite number of enumerations of execution of a certain set of instructions and their best possible outcomes. Artificial Intelligence is an implemented system to improve systems ability to do tasks which humans can do better than systems today and Machine learning is an application of AI for the process of learning the process.

AI is being anticipated to solve a vast number of problems and its immense applications will be able to accelerate the development of human society.  To begin with its applications there is its use in the E-commerce to learn your buying behaviours and recommend you the next best thing, play games, Autonomous Cars (Self-Driving Cars), Image recognition, weather forecasting, healthcare, education, banking, accounting,  Investing, Marketing, customer service, cryptography, and many more.

Currently, it can be seen as assistance to help do more mundane or labor-intensive tasks by automating them, so it is feared to replace those jobs from humans. But it is very similar to the time when mechanical machines were invented, or computers came into the picture and we can witness it has only improved our lifestyle and generated millions of other jobs. By 2022, Artificial Intelligence could create 58 million net new jobs. – World Economic Forum.

So, instead of fearing this let us just focus on future skills and provide for the jobs that will be available. I mean nor Jarvis or Friday could replace Tony Stark, they were also just mere assistants which did his Quantum Physics or other homework and navigate his Suit. And talking about movies, many of you guys may point out about the General Artificial Intelligence or the singularity and its potential of learning 20,000 years of development within a week of learning or quote cyberdine from the terminator. I would like to clarify that we are no way close to that level, we do not yet understand the consciousness of our own, how the hell it can be programmed then? Roast me in the comments if you feel the other way, I can defend myself in this context very well.

This future technology is already in effect and slowly moving into our lives without us much realizing and will completely change the world soon enough. It will be seen as an integral part of all the other technologies to aid and complement further developments. 

 3D Printing

It is a $7 Billion dollar industry and is on its way up.

It is not new, 3D printing has been with us since the 1980s and was primarily used for industrial design purposes.  But it has gained immense popularity over the last decade. Not just because of its immense usability and potential beyond comprehension, but majorly because of its availability to the masses. When researchers, inventors, engineers, doctors, and designers began making extraordinary use of this technology it really then it caught fire.     

3D Printing has made its way to printing anything, form plastic designs rendered in 3D modeling software, to Houses, Movie costumes, props, Fashion accessories, Clothes and these are still less impressive than what’s coming next.

The future technology of 3D Printing will make it possible to print Food, Print Skin, Print Organs, Bones, Electronics, Mechanical Machines, and every fucking thing. Although we have not achieved all that yet, we are almost there. Like in a decade or so our lives would be changed a lot, we will have the power not just to download a softcopy of stuff you like but to print whatever you want. Man I can’t wait to say “Dude I like those Chicken Wings, could you download that and print it for me ?”, Absolute Dream come true. But yes all that is not just possible by 3D printing, we need more than that, we need 4D printing, so here it is.       

4D printing coming into action soon, using advanced materials incorporating other factors such as light, heat, textures (like slime texture), smell (Not the general smell of the material but actually constructing something of our desire). You print something which has the capability to turn into something else on it own, without robotic implementations.

There is one more development to multidimensional printing and that is Self Assembling printing. It is something which looks very simple but the implantations and effects are enormous. Let’s just take up an example to explain this : Let’s assume there is a value implemented in a multipurpose use pipeline, which transports liquids of different viscosity at different speeds temperatures, but this valve takes no offense, it changes its shape as per requirement , the pressure is slow, it changes its shape to maintain that and so. Hell, it can make to fluid move from point A to B.
It will be a pre-programmed structure, where the programming to behave in a certain way under certain circumstances will be programmed into the design.

Multidimensional Printing is changing the world big time, make sure you keep yourself updated on this, you do not want to miss any of this action.   

Nano Technology

This some good stuff, really good stuff. I cannot even imagine what all this technology can accomplish. The development of this technology holds the key to almost all of the human problems. The Cure to “Cancer”, “Environmental Pollution”, Self-repairing “Everything”, One could be operated for a tumor without opening up the body, The Iron Man Suit in Infinity War and what not.

I fell in love with NanoTechnology back in 2008 when I first saw the Nokia Morph NanoTech Smartphone concept video and that just blew my mind (View the video on youtube for the full context). NanoTech has already started shaping present consumer electronics at a very large scale, Nano chipsets are making our electronic devices such as mobile phones and PCs much faster and powerful.  It will be not long when we will be having pocket size supercomputers.

NanoTechnology is a name suggests taking the technological implementations to the Nanoscale if we talk in simpler terms. Scientist and Engineers a have been working on various forms of this technology for over past half a century, but it was not since last 2 decades when we could see some real growth and it is going on really well since then.

The major breakthrough in this domain will be when we have the capability to develop high functionality nanobots for niche requirements like for healthcare services, targeting for any abnormalities in the body and repair all that needs to be, similarly for other domains.

Bio Technology

All Hail the Bio Tech.

This Future Technology will be the pinnacle of mankind. There is the very good reason I kept this is at the last in the line. So for all the crazy stuff you are going to read below, just combine all the above Technologies Shaked not stirred and drop in the pot full of BioTechnology and think really big here.

What most people talk in the domain of biotechnology is DNA sequencing, Genome alterations, correcting the Human body and food and also providing one with superpowers to do anything (The last part was sarcasm, but yes you can have blue eyes and good height for your kids, also make them look like David Beckham  if you want).      

But here I want you to just visualize a little more than that, we will not discuss any technical jargons here but just look into the future. Remember the above-mentioned point, all that we will discuss from here will be considering the use of all above-mentioned technologies in coherence with BioTech.

The Nearest visualization of what I have in mind can be referenced to the Will Smith Movie After Earth. All the houses, gadgets, Transportation, etc made in coherence with nature.

As we know for a fact that  A single gram of DNA can store up to 215 million gigabytes of information, that is a lot of data, that already 8.6% of the data that the entire planet has produced till now. Now if we are able to use DNA based systems for processing and storage, how awesome would that be.

Now we also about photosynthesis, the process of converting solar energy into chemical energy and now we have ways to use this process to convert to electric energy using this process. Many of you will argue that it is not as much use as photosynthesis only converts up to 3% energy while solar panels convert up to 10% energy, but here we can think of the cost, maintenance, and renewability of these types of equipment, so what’s better now, I’ll leave the maths to you.

The best machines built by humans have been inspired by natural processes, but if we could just blend in nature and use technology in harmony with nature, decode the bio-code and develop the living technology, how would that look like. To me, it looks like a paradise.