10 Digital Marketing Mistakes start-ups will do in 2019…

10 Digital Marketing Mistakes start-ups will do in 2019…

This article will talk about the 10 major mistakes that start-ups are doing in 2019 and what can be done better. Here we are not discussing general digital marketing problems of all time. Here we are focusing on more recently digital marketing developments and the not to do’s for that.

1. Hiring the wrong people for Digital Marketing

Hiring the wrong people

Having the right team is the most crucial segment of expanding your business, and hiring the right digital marketing team is the most stressful. As these are the people who will be spending huge budgets to bring in business and also present the brand image to the world.

Alright, the mistake that people make is hiring experienced people who know marketing, but not they are not necessarily the right people for the job because of the changed market scenario. Now it’s not about how, its more about what, about originality and creativity. For example, Start-ups pay a very high amount to SEO people, they can get you good titles for online content but generally are not the ones creating viral content.

Good analytics ability, aptitude, and creative skills are the top requirements for a candidate to add to your marketing team. But it does not scrape away the fact of having digital marketing knowledge is essential and it is indispensable to have few people with strong technical skills for marketing to save time of self-learning (Which is not so difficult in today’s time, marketing community is big on sharing their secrets like me, you need to just Google what you need).

2. Miss out on the Podcasts audience

Podcast Marketing

Podcasting has really caught fire in the past couple of years and is extremely popular among millennials. There are 114 million subscribers in the US only and it is already a $514 Million Industry in 2019 as per reports. (There are approximately 350 Million listeners all over the world as per my calculations, which is not much trustworthy 😉 ).

There is an entire report accumulated from various sources about the 25+ demographic details about this audience here which will make you understand how much investment-worthy for digital marketing this space is.

In short, there are a lot of potential customers with deep pockets there with very high potential to but your product, just you need to do is to target the right segment in that audience with an awesome podcast ad and see your conversion rate rising.

3. Not producing enough video content

Video Content

Although many companies have raised their content game, 2019 has got tougher. You need to bring in a lot of quantity with quality to maintain the connection with your consumer base associated with your video content.

It is very easy today to lose a customer just because one of your competitors got their attention first. But it does not also mean to bombard your audience with videos, you need to give them some time to breathe and wait for you. Let them hit around the bush, look at some other content and you drop the video just when they are thinking about you. The Ideal amount would be once or twice a week, depending upon the brand stature.

4. Not redirecting the Video content to the company’s website.

Where video audience should be directed to

No, I am not talking about redirecting the YouTube audience to your website or business but actually moving the videos to your websites along with your audience on any of the video hosting platforms.

It’s is not easy, but very useful to create loyalty extremely high conversion rate. The thing is you do not enough power on websites like YouTube to provide value to your audience. There can be an entire page for one video without any distraction of videos forms other people. There you can have your products displayed as discussed in the video while giving a compelling reason on why to buy them in the video.  The opportunities are endless.

5. Creeping your audience out.

Stalker Ads

Technology giants like Facebook and Google have provided us with enough tools to track and gather data on our audience to very fine details. Many controversies have risen on the topic of digital privacy of people, which makes people conscious when they see ads displayed based on the gathered data which they haven’t shared.

Although we cannot always avoid using all that valuable information, which is not recommended also. But what we can do is be smart about it and prepare campaigns where we can indirectly target their needs (For example: A person visits your website and sees a couple of pair of jeans, show him/her an ad which does not show that jeans but Tees which can be paired with those jeans and when the person comes to the website for the second time recommend them those Jeans which can be best paired with that Tee).

Bottom line don’t be creepy to show off your audience targeting skills.

6. Slacking off on Email Marketing

not to forget email marketing

2019 may feel like it is now over for Email marketing as Emails are now obsolete and people communicate via messenger applications. Or the Emails are not being read and are being sent to “Promotions or Others” section in the mail.

 But it is not completely true, Emails are still the formidable formal mode of communication. 91% of Email Users check their emails every day and on an average a working professional checks their email 14 times a day (There are approx. 4 billion Email users). It is not dead yet.

If your emails are going in the “Promotions or Others” section, then stop spamming. Build a genuine subscriber base and try to build great email content and give value with every one email. (For Example, I have subscribed to Business Intelligence Newsletter and they send one email in a week or a month, but I read every one of their mail. As they provide a part of their awesome Business research from their $1000 US Knowledge kit, every time makes me want to buy, but I ain’t got no money in my bank 😉 ).

7. Not maintaining structured data of Marketing campaigns and their Impact.

Data Marketing

Sounds a very obvious task right? But still many of the start-ups do not have enough time to do this(Sarcasm here). Where most start-ups are focused on optimizing campaigns to increase conversions and website traffic and ignore recording all these.

If all the data of every type of campaign is recorded incorporating all the influencing factors such as special day of the month or week or an occasion or any specific trend on the rise of any market fluctuation. All the whats and whys and hows should be recorded.

Access to such data helps a lot to improve on what is working and what is not,  and eventually ends up generating a lot of business and reducing marketing costs.

8. Overlooking Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

I mean why not, it is one of the probably the cheapest way to reach that much on the potential audience with a considerable ROI, not to forget those internet popular figures selling your brand.

It can be done in many effective ways. One way I did it for my clients was doing barter deals with small scale influencers, many of them for one campaign. Plan a schedule for the promotion postings and get them freebies form the client. In this way, I made both of the parties happy.  

9. Not Building up an affiliate program.

Influencer Marketing

This the best thing so far that many companies have started doing and this program has really shot up the sales for these companies. This has also motivated many content creators online to promote brands for direct benefits no strings attached.

It is a pain to set up the backend technology to establish an affiliate program but there are products in the market which are plug and play systems to start up your affiliate program right away like CJ Affiliate which is one of the best platforms out there as of now used by many unicorns and million dollar start-ups.

10. Focusing more on Acquisition then Retention of customers

Customer Retention

Conversions are the solution to all the problems of a startup (Said Mark Cuban and now Me). And we are so focused on getting more traffic on our platform which will get returns, but sometimes we forget about those who have already been our customers. Trust me I have been there, going in for acquisition is more lucrative as they show instant conversions and you have to work on the Retention and they don’t get your business right away but they can sure bring consistency to your business.

Existing customers are aware of what they are in here for, there is actually much less effort required to convert them again, but the thing is you need to be in front of them and they will come back to you when they need you, if you don’t all the other companies are also working really hard on acquisition, what different are you doing then.